Unleash your herd's potential

with autonomous video monitoring

CattleEye is the world's first hardware-independent autonomous livestock monitoring platform. It uses a low-cost security camera to capture video footage and provide insights into your herd's health and productivity.

Why CattleEye?

CattleEye’s mobility scoring module monitors locomotion in cows and highlights any individual cows that may require intervention.

Using CattleEye to select cows for hoof trimming and treatment will help manage lameness levels in your herd, resulting in improved efficiencies and carbon footprint reduction *


Cost per lame cow per day**


Decrease in lameness


per cow per year

0.57 tons

Reduction in carbon footprint
per cow per year
* Research from the UK Animal Health & Welfare Technical Directorate ** Reaseheath College, 2013

How it works

CattleEye uses a standard security camera mounted over the exit race of a milking parlour, removing the need for collars or pedometers.

We provide a completely hands-free way to monitor your cows welfare and performance.

The camera captures video footage of each cow as it leaves the milking parlour. We also pull in ID information if available from your sort gate or RFID system. Artifical intelligence algorithms in the cloud analyse the footage to uniquely identify the cows and monitor welfare and an increasing number of other behaviours.

We then deliver these insights right back to your smartphone and/or integrated with your farm's herd management system saving an average farmer $420 per cow per year.
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Our Insights



CattleEye provides daily mobility scores direct to your smartphone, tablet or parlour PC. This allows for early intervention, resulting in significant cost savings and an improvement in animal welfare.
Body Condition

Body Condition

CattleEye tracks a cow's body condition score (BCS) each time it passes under the camera, letting you monitor and adjust feed levels and other parameters in near real-time.

CattleEye Insights App

Insights App

CattleEye Insights is a cross-platform dashboard accessible on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

CattleEye Insights enables you to monitor your cows health and performance in real-time. It provides a dashboard that tracks and visualizes a number of key metrics at both the herd and cow levels.

The app lets you filter through the data in a number of ways to find the exact subset of cows you are looking to monitor. It also allows you to export all available data to a CSV file for further analysis and trim list creation.

We have integrations with a number of different Herd Management Systems, enabling you to view and analyse all the data in your preferred system.

Our Integrations

GEA VAS BoviSync Uniform Agri Allflex Boumatic DataMars DeLaval PCDART Fullwood Jantec DHIPlus DSPAgrosoft


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"We continually strive to protect our reputation and improve the way our supplying farmers manage the health and welfare of their livestock. CattleEye is a disruptive tool that provides evidence that our farmers are working to the highest level of stock management helping to secure customer loyalty and belief in our wider retail brand."

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