The Royal Dairy Innovation Award 2023

The Royal Dairy Innovation Award is an annual award which celebrates innovative practices and technologies in the dairy industry within the United Kingdom. The award is presented by her Royal Highness, Princess Anne which is a significant achievement and recognition for CattleEye within the dairy tech industry. The award recognizes innovations that contribute to the sustainability, efficiency, and profitability of the industry, as well as those that improve animal welfare, milk quality, and environmental performance. Overall, winning the Royal Dairy Tech Award presented by Princess Anne is a great achievement that can bring numerous benefits to the CattleEye, including recognition, financial reward which can be invested into further research and development or to expand the business., and increased credibility within the Dairy Tech industry. This strengthens our position as the worlds first hardware independent autonomous livestock monitoring platform using machine vision on the market.

British Farming Award 2021

The British Farming Awards for Innovation is an annual awards program that recognizes and celebrates innovation in the UK farming industry. The award recognises technologies that have made a positive impact on the farming industry. Winning a British Farming Award for innovation can provide significant benefits to our business, including recognition, visibility, networking opportunities, staff motivation, and a competitive advantage within marketplace.

KPMG Global Tech Innovator Ireland 2021

The KPMG Global Tech Innovator competition showcases entrepreneurs across industries who are innovating to become the tech leaders of tomorrow. We are honoured to gain great recognition within the industry and to be able to take CattleEye to the next level.