Unleash your cow’s potential with autonomous video monitoring

Milk Producers

We provide a completely hands-free way to monitor your cows welfare and performance. We don’t need collars or pedometers that need regular maintenance and commissioning. All you need to do is mount a basic low-cost security camera over the entrance or exit of your milking parlour and our artificial intelligence algorithms in the cloud will start learning how to uniquely identify your cows, monitoring welfare and an increasing number of other behaviours. We then deliver these insights right back to your smartphone and/or integrated with your farm management system saving an average farmer £350 per cow per year.

Supply Chains

Our autonomous video monitoring platform requires minimal hardware to deploy with only a basic IP security camera installed over the exit race of a milking parlour connected to the farm Internet. With this installation, our platform will help your supply chain become more efficient and provide robust non-repudiable welfare information such as mobility scores. The system will not interfere with our impact other on-farm monitoring devices that the farm may already be using.

Our Planet

Research has shown that increasing cow efficiencies can reduce Green House Gas emissions by up to 30% per litre of milk produced. Our insights give farmers the opportunity to take action to make those efficiency gains. Like our farmers we are committed to improving welfare levels of the cows we monitor, like them we know that a happy cow is a more productive cow. To achieve this we pick up on early signs of lameness and give farmers an opportunity to treat that lameness before it becomes chronic. Early indication and treatment will help lower antibiotic usage on farms.

"We continually strive to protect our reputation and improve the way our supplying farmers manage the health and welfare of their livestock. CattleEye is a disruptive tool that provides evidence that our farmers are working to the highest level of stock management helping to secure customer loyalty and belief in our wider retail brand."

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