GEA Showcasing Machine Vision Solution at Royal Cornwall

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Posted: June 7, 2023

GEA UK today announced that it will be showcasing the very latest in cow monitoring technology at this year’s Royal Cornwall show 8-10th June. The CattleEye system uses advanced Artificial Intelligence in video analytics to provide a completely new way of monitoring and gaining insights on dairy cows simply by walking them under a low cost security camera connected to the Internet. The completely hands-free solution monitors a cow’s welfare and performance without the need for collars or pedometers that need regular maintenance and commissioning.

The CattleEye mobility scoring module will monitor lameness levels on cows and highlight any individual cows that may require treatment. Using this tool to select cows for foot trimming and treatment will reduce lameness levels on a dairy herd. Research from the UK Animal Health & Welfare Technical Directorate has demonstrated that a 10% decrease in lameness levels on an average dairy herd would create a saving of £100 per cow per year and a carbon reduction of 0.57t per cow per year. Research from the University of Liverpool has concluded that CattleEye “outperformed a human expert in identifying lameness lesions”. Giving dairy farmers a brand new way of improving lameness on their dairy herd.

The system is now monitoring over 100K cows in the US and UK and was recently approved by Arla as an alternative for their milk suppliers for providing quarterly ROMS mobility scores from ROMS approved human scorers. The system integrates with a GEA parlour RFID system for easy installations and has been trialled on a number of GEA farms throughout US and UK with many of those farms reporting a significant decrease in lameness levels over a 12 month period of usage.

Demonstrations and more information about CattleEye can be found at stand 553.